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This is maddening.


kill me now for taking so long on this


It’s always best to not follow your sketch as law.
Making minor alteration and re-sketching sections
of it that were wonky can make it come out much nicer!

This year’s Art evaluation

I went through my DA gallery and organized art into 2012 and 2013 folders.  22 total in 2013, and 33 total in 2012. I made more improvement in 2012, and I did at least one redraw to show it. In 2013, I failed to do any redraws or show any noticeable improvement. Here is the stats for these folders.

- 2013 - 
[22 total]
17/22 full body
-13 of those are chibi
4/22 headshots
-3 facing the same direction.
11/22: gift/kiriban, arttrade, contest entry.
6/22: Made for money, Adopt or Commission.
18.5/22: made for others
3.5/22: made for me

- 2012 -
[33 total]
30/33 full body
- 11 of those were chibi
1/33 headshot
12/33 had some kind of background
14/33: gift:kiriban, arttrades, contest entry
5/33: made for money, adopt or commission
19.5/33: made for others
12.5/33: made for me

I am coming to realize that “needing” to finish art causes art blocks. The stress of making art for others, and not taking time for myself did such a damage to my ability to work on art, I did 11 full pieces less this year. I drew only 4 full bodies that were not chibi… and considering the numbers. It’s not beneficial to focus purely on myself. I did lower quality work, I did LESS art too, and in the numbers of art for others, art for money, and gifts…? I still did more the previous year, despite it not being a year where I “focused” on such things…

Thats completely pathetic !
I put myself through extra stress and pain to not even see results from it. It really is true what they say about inner happiness flowing outward and creating happiness in others. This year I learned the hard facts that without giving to myself, I can not give to others..

Can anyone guess what my 2014’s art resolution is?

Sketch set version, with explanation - since I’ve been “dead” from activity for a while now.
I can’t say I’ve finished any art, or really done much work besides the last 3 sketches I uploaded. Each were spontaneous and without valid reason.

1)First, The headshot of Alyse was to explain her hair style, cause my friend said that this one girl (in a picture I linked) looked like Alyse cause of the hair. I completely disagreed to I sketched her.

2)Second, Toy - I was bought a gift (from same friend) and I said “I’ll draw you a gift!” So I drew them Toy in a Christmas dress…

3)Third, the last, I was browsing the artwork section of Steam for the game, and it had a large lack, and mostly uploads of screenshots. It gave fuel to sketch out the image in my head that I had for a while.

Of course, my statement about them not having “valid reasons” stems from the fact that this entire year I’ve mostly drawn for other people, not myself. Thus, anytime I do… it feels wrong and criminal.

I’ll be making another post with an art of 2013 evaluation and things I’ve noticed !